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Vejo Cooking Bundle

(6x Banana Almond, 6x Tart Berry, 2x Strawberry Banana, 2x Tropical, 2x Piña Strawberry, 4x Matcha Latte, 6x Spiced Chocolate, 2x Clean Greens)

Vejo Cooking Bundle
Vejo Cooking Bundle
Vejo Cooking Bundle
Vejo Cooking Bundle

Vejo Cooking Bundle

Vejo cookbook + 30 blends

(6x Banana Almond, 6x Tart Berry, 2x Strawberry Banana, 2x Tropical, 2x Piña Strawberry, 4x Matcha Latte, 6x Spiced Chocolate, 2x Clean Greens)

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Attention chefs! It will be crispy, sweet & juicy. This bundle promises food, drinks & absolute pleasure for your taste buds. The best Vejo recipes "Inspired by Sophie", bundled in a cooking book with all the necessary blends to try out in your kitchen at home.

Note: The cookbook is only available in German.


What’s Inside

  • Vejo cookbook

    Inspired by "Cooking with Sophie": Sophie's creative cooking and baking skills bundled in a Vejo cooking book. Banana Almond French Toast, Tropical Cheesecake or Matcha Martini - whether it's food or drinks - here you'll find everything your Vejo heart desires!
  • 6x Banana Almond

    The perfect symbiosis: Cinnamon & Banana - so full of heart and delicious, as if the best banana bread in the world was packed in a blend. In addition, this blend provides you with 7 grams of protein. Your ideal weapon against any cravings.

    IngredientsOrganic Almond Protein, Organic Banana, Organic Lucuma, Organic Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla, Organic Stevia, Organic Cardamom

  • 6x Tart Berry

    Your absolute berry dream from the Northwest of the USA. Tart, tart flavor with a sweet note. Covers more than 100% of your daily fruit needs and provides you with your favorite berries in every season.

    IngredientsMarionberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry

  • 2x Strawberry Banana

    Strawberry kisses banana. No compromises here: 60% banana, 40% strawberry - 100% taste! Your extra dose of fruit: so creamy, so sweet. Ideal for a light start to the day or as a tasty snack in between.

    Ingredients: Organic Banana, Organic Strawberry

  • 2x Tropical

    Tropical & exotic. Bring the sun home! The refreshing mix of banana, mango, orange and passion fruit puts you in a good mood and gives you a summery taste experience to start the day.

    IngredientsOrganic Banana, Organic Mango, Organic Orange, Organic Passion Fruit

  • 2x Piña Strawberry

    The crowd favorite: Fruity-sweet blend that covers 89% of your daily fruit needs. The combination of pineapple, mango, strawberry and banana tastes deliciously fresh and is ideal as a sweet snack for in between meals.

    Ingredients: Organic Pineapple, Organic Mango, Organic Strawberry, Organic Banana, Organic Stevia

  • 4x Matcha Latte

    Attention morning grouches, Matcha Latte is your new Healthy Habit! For longer concentration and balance - the combination of Japanese Matcha and oats gives you lasting energy and puts any coffee boost in the shade.

    Ingredients: Oat Powder, Matcha, Vanilla Extract, Gelling Agents (Acacia, Xanthan Gum, Gellan Gum), Stevia Extract, Monk Fruit Extract

  • 6x Spiced Chocolate

    To all chocolate lovers! With this tart and chocolaty-sweet alternative you can enjoy delicious cocoa and at the same time provide yourself with 5.3 grams of vegetable protein - without any added sugar. A real chocolate dream.

    IngredientsBanana, Cocoa, Pea Protein, Maca Root, Cinnamon

  • 2x Clean Greens

    Our green freshness boost - covers 49% of your daily fruit needs and 27% of your daily vegetable needs. As rich and powerful as if the ingredients were harvested just minutes before blending.

    IngredientsBio-Apfel, Bio-Gurke, Bio-Spinat, Bio-Sanddorn

  • Special Blend Recipe

    A special Christmas recipe from Sophie. Very exclusive & only available in the Vejo Cooking Bundle!

Blend wird zum Abo hinzugefügt..