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Variety Pack

(Up to 15 different varieties) 

Probierpaket - Vejo

Variety Pack

30 Servings

(Up to 15 different varieties) 

114,90 €

incl. VAT, plus shipping

Ships in 2-4 business days

Meet your new favorites! The Variety Pack contains 30 blends from at least 13 different flavors and offers you a great overview of our blend selection. The perfect kick-off bundle.


What’s Inside

  • Smoothie blends

    Your healthy refreshment - when and where you want. Our Smoothie blends consist 100% of freeze-dried organic fruit and vegetables. No added sugar, no artificial separating substances, 100% natural.

    Blends2x Strawberry Banana, 2x Clean Greens, 2x Mixed Berry, 2x Piña Strawberry, 2x Tropical, 2x Tart Berry, 2x Piña Greens

  • Functional blends

    Whether a nutrient bomb before sports, immune booster in the cold season or a sleeping aid in the evening - our Functional blends support you in all aspects of life

    Blends2x Immunity Boost Berry, 2x Relax, 2x Pro

  • Snack blends

    When the small food craving comes, a healthy snack is not always within reach - until now! Our Snack blends provide fast energy and are the perfect chocolate bar substitute.

    Blends2x Spiced Chocolate, 2x Banana Almond

  • Tea blends

    Green tea is the perfect coffee alternative, provides sustainable energy and is rich in antioxidants. A healthy start into the day - with our Tea blend.

    Blends: 2x Matcha Latte

  • Protein blends

    Proteins not only fill you up, they also supply the body with essential amino acids to strengthen muscles and bones. Our Protein blends are the perfect armor for your body.

    Blends2x Plant-Based Protein Vanilla, 2x Plant-Based Protein Chocolate

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