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Sugar check

A clear 'no' to black-and-white thinking

For some years now, sugar has been regularly demonized in the media. But is this justified and right? We are against extremes and for education. We want to create awareness for a balanced diet. This includes sugar, but a responsible approach to it. Because sugar itself is not the problem, but the way we consume it and the lifestyle with which we combine this consumption.


Dose & Packaging

The difference between an apple and a lemonade is in the amount (= dose) of sugar per 100g and also in the matrix (= packaging) of the sugar. While fruit contains numerous health-promoting ingredients, a lemonade mainly contains sugar in concentrated form.

This much sugar is okay

A WHO position paper states that the intake of 'free sugars' (see blog article), should be reduced to less than 10% of total energy - both in children and adults. In reality, however, this proportion is significantly higher.

Hidden sugar traps

People often unconsciously reach for sugary foods. Next time you go shopping, check the list of ingredients and choose unsweetened apple pulp instead of applesauce, for example!

Enjoy sugar consciously

No one is asking you to avoid sugar completely. However, when you eat something sweet, try to do so consciously. Put a piece of chocolate on your plate, cut up some fruit or enjoy a piece of cake consciously!

Sugar keeps you running!

Especially in endurance sports (e.g. triathlon) or game sports like soccer, a small sugar intake during the unit or in short breaks keeps you fit and provides quick energy.

Mini Podcast

Vejo Sugar check

In 5 kleinen Podcast-Folgen spricht Lisa mit unserer leitenden Ernährungswissenschaftlerin Judith von Andrian über einen bewussten Umgang mit Zucker.

All 10 top tips at one click

Our nutritionists have summarized the 10 most important tips for responsible sugar consumption in a PDF document. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, here's also the link to our article in the Vejo Blog (German only).