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The blackberry hybrid from Oregon.

No blackberry like you know it - the marionberry from Marion County, Oregon, is the wonder weapon in the new Tart Berry blend from 1A Reinstoffe.
The new berry blend
The new berry blend

Tart Berry by 1A Reinstoffe

Authentisch herber und intensiver Beerengeschmack für alle, die es nicht zu süß mögen!

The freeze-dried berry mix of marionberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries covers your daily fruit requirements over 100%.

The marionberry

Tart, sour taste with a sweet note - the marionberry is the Cabernet of all berries. Not only because of its unique taste, but also because of its high content of vitamin C and fiber, the marionberry is the "super berry" among all blackberries.

Stalbushfarm - the organic family farm from Oregon

The marionberry ripens on the 5000 hectare land of the Stalbushfarm under perfect climatic conditions. Here, quality, innovation and sustainability are of utmost importance.

Berry flavour for the winter

Nutrient-rich and healthy: Tart Berry from 1A Reinstoffe covers 104% of your daily fruit requirements. 130g marionberries, 75.4g blueberries, 53.3g strawberries and 1.3g raspberries make this berry mix an absolute vitamin bomb.

Power for your vessels

Rutin acts directly in the cell walls, e.g. in the blood vessels or the colon. It strengthens the cell walls, inhibits inflammation in the tissue and reduces the sticking together of blood platelets. Together with vitamin C, rutin plays an important role in keeping your own body cells healthy. The fibre acts as a swelling agent and stimulates digestion.

Home of the marionberry

The marionberry has been grown in the US state of Oregon since the 1950s. The berry takes its name from its growing region, Marion County in Oregon, USA. Approximately 90% of all marionberries are grown near Salem, Oregon, because the perfect climatic conditions for growing the flavourful berries are found there.

Berry flavour that makes you happy.

One Tart Berry blend covers your entire daily fruit requirement.

3,95€ per serving (31,59€ per 8-pack)*

4,39€ per serving (35,10€ per 8-pack)

  • Intense berry taste
  • Full of vitamin C
  • Supports your immune system
  • *Only within Germany
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Your favourite berry mix.

You do not have a Vejo yet?

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Das Starterkit ist Deine Eintrittskarte in ein gesundes Öko-System. Es enthält neben dem Vejo Mixer vier verschiedene Sorten an Smoothie-Blends von 1A Reinstoffe: Clean Greens, Tropical, Piña Strawberry und Strawberry Banana.

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