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Your vegan companion

Egal ob als sättigender Snack für zwischendurch, als kleine Eiweißgrundlage im anspruchsvollen Arbeitsalltag oder als erste Energiequelle nach Deiner Sport-Session:

Get the perfect armor for your body with the protein blends from 2,69€.
Chocolate and Vanilla
Chocolate and Vanilla

Plant-Based Protein

With a plant-based base of peas, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and chia seeds, the new protein blends not only provide you with excellent plant-based protein and a good amino acid profile - they also contain important micronutrients needed for sports thanks to the natural plant-based ingredients.

Quinoa & Chiasamen

Quinoa is gluten-free, rich in valuable micronutrients, and unique as a vegetable protein source because quinoa seeds contain all essential amino acids. This makes quinoa a complete protein. Sprouting the protein-rich chia seeds increases the bioavailability of valuable ingredients, such as the omega-3 fatty acids.

Amaranth & Buchweizen

Amaranth is a very rich source of minerals and contains a lot of vegetable protein. Buckwheat is categorically considered a grain, but strictly speaking it is a seed. Buckwheat is very rich in protein and fiber.

Erbsenprotein & Hirse

The pea protein is a purely vegetable and at the same time hypoallergenic protein source, which enjoys increasing popularity. Millet is a gluten-free ancient cereal. Millet is particularly suitable for a healthy diet because of the amino acids, iron, zinc and various B vitamins it contains.

Completely vegan

Attention vegans! The new protein blends are particularly well suited to keep the protein balance in vegan nutrition in shot. Our body's own protein is constantly converted - a daily protein intake is therefore necessary and should consist of as many different protein sources as possible.

The treat for after sports

These protein blends are perfect as a first protein snack directly after sports, as a bridge to the next meal! For casual sports sessions and all who want to stay in shape! Stylish, delicious and quickly mixed.

Your lifestyle protein

Egal ob Chocolate Lover oder Team Vanilla:
Sichere Dir Dein Snack-Protein in Deinem Lieblingsgeschmack!

From 2,69€ per serving.
Plant-Based Protein Vanilla

15g pflanzliches Protein aus
peas, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and chia seeds

12% natural vanilla flavor

Contains 4,7mg iron per blend

From 2,69€ per serving (21,51€ per 8-pack).

Plant-Based Protein Chocolate

15g pflanzliches Protein aus
peas, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and chia seeds

8% alkalized cocoa powder and 5% chocolate flavoring

Contains 5,9mg iron per blend

From 2,69€ per serving (21,51€ per 8-pack).

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Das Starterkit ist Deine Eintrittskarte in ein gesundes Öko-System. Es enthält neben dem Vejo Mixer vier verschiedene Sorten an Smoothie-Blends: Clean Greens, Tropical, Piña Strawberry und Mixed Berry.

This means you always have your extra portion of fresh fruit and vegetables with you!