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66-Day Challenge

Wir helfen Dir, Deine Vorsätze langfristig umzusetzen. Eine Studie des University College London zeigt: Neue Gewohnheiten müssen für 66 Tage gepflegt werden, bis sie zu Automatismen werden – hier setzen wir an!
Start Your Year Right
Start Your Year Right

Your resolution? Your challenge!

Weniger Süßigkeiten, mehr Obst und Gemüse, täglich ausreichend Schlaf – Jeder kennt diese Vorsätze, die man sich Jahr für Jahr zum Ziel nimmt, doch spätestens am 10. Januar verfällt man zurück in die alten Muster. Damit ist jetzt Schluss!

With 66 blends for 66 days and weekly support, we want to guide you on your path to your Healthy Habit.


Your resolution

Maybe you'd like to make three or four resolutions at once. But it makes sense to focus on one goal. Think carefully about which Healthy Habit you want to incorporate into your life and choose a Habit Bundle.

Your support

To guide you through these 66 days as best we can, we push you every week with tips and tricks to help you stick to your challenge. We send you small motivational aids or tasks for your personal challenge.

Your benefit

66 days can be tough, because developing healthy routines requires more than just willpower. But it's worth it: After that, you don't have to actively overcome yourself anymore and your new Healthy Habit will be internalized automatically.

Pick Your Habit Bundle


Choose the Smoothie Bundle from 1A Reinstoffe if you want to eat more fruits & vegetables every day, integrate them more often into your stressful workday or expand the selection of fruits & vegetables on your menu.

3,26€ per serving (215,00€ per 66-pack)

3,87€ per serving (255,18€ per 66-pack)



Wähle das Relax Bundle, wenn Du Deine Schlafqualität langfristig verbessern möchtest, besser einschlafen und ausgeruhter aufwachen willst.

3,17€ per serving (209,00€ per 66-pack)

3,74€ per serving (246,68€ per 66-pack)



Choose the Matcha Bundle from 1A Reinstoffe if you want to develop a morning routine, start the day energized and focused, or consume fewer energy drinks.

1,95€ per serving (129,00€ per 66-pack)

2,21€ per serving (146,00€ per 66-pack)



Choose the Snack Bundle from 1A Reinstoffe if you want to eat less sweets and improve your snack habits, or if you want to do something about your midday lack of concentration.

2,95€ per serving (195,00€ per 66-pack)

3,50€ per serving (231,18€ per 66-pack)


Immunity Boost

Choose the Immunity Boost Bundle if you want to support your body's immune system and arm it against viruses, pathogens or other environmental factors.

3,47€ per serving (229,00€ per 66-pack)

3,99€ per serving (263,18€ per 66-pack)


Start your challenge now!

Wir begleiten Dich ab Tag 1 bei Deiner persönlichen 66-Tage Challenge.

Wenn Du Dein Habit Bundle bestellt und erhalten hast, trage Dich hier ein, um Deine Challenge zu starten.

Once you have entered your email address here, you will receive exclusive support emails every week to help you through your 66 days.
You do not have a Vejo yet?

Start your journey with the Starterkit

Das Starterkit ist Deine Eintrittskarte in ein gesundes Öko-System. Es enthält neben dem Vejo Mixer vier verschiedene Sorten an Smoothie-Blends von 1A Reinstoffe: Clean Greens, Tropical, Piña Strawberry und Mixed Berry.

This means you always have your extra portion of fresh fruit and vegetables with you!