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The Vejo Way | Our Commitment to Environment & Sustainability

Green Commitment

What drives us?
Gesunde Ernährung, Nachhaltigkeit, weniger Food-Waste und die Reduktion von Plastikmüll. Vejo Mixer statt Einwegflasche! Wasserlösliche Kapsel statt Plastik! Natürlich erhalten statt schnell verdorben!

Unser neuer Gamechanger gegen Verpackungsmüll. Wasserlösliche Kapsel statt Plastik.

Be part of it!

Im Laufe des Jahres 2022 werden wir unser komplettes Blend-Sortiment schrittweise auf die wasserlösliche Kapsel umstellen. In unserem Newsletter nehmen wir Dich mit auf diese Reise zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit. Hier erfährst Du als Erste:r, wie Du die neue Kapsel schon vorab testen kannst!

Jetzt den Newsletter abonnieren.

Even less packaging waste!

Our solution: The world's first water-soluble pod. Leaves no harmful residues or microplastics. 100% water-soluble, 100% environmentally friendly.


Most plastic packaging is made from non-renewable materials and takes more than 450 years to fully decompose.


The new pods dissolves completely in water and can be disposed of, for example, in the dishwasher without leaving any residue.
The current pods are made from corn and other biodegradable, renewable components.


Plasticizers, BPA & Co. - toxic & dangerous! Possible consequences of microplastics in the human body: infertility, cancer, developmental disorders, etc.


The pod is made of PVOH and other natural ingredients such as salts and talc. Possible residues are food grade and are finally filtered out of the water in sewage treatment plants.

Our No to the throwaway society!

In 2018, packaging waste in Germany increased to a total of 18.9 million tons. This is how we fight back:


In Germany, 16.4 billion single-use plastic bottles are consumed every year - that's around 470,000 tons of waste.


Vejo is an all-in-one solution: blender and drinking cup in one. Designed to be used over and over again.

Less food waste

The waste of food must be minimized so that more people have access to food and the available resources can be used more wisely and responsibly.

Prematurely expired.

Around 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU.

Naturally preserved.

The freeze-drying process guarantees a long shelf life without compromising quality.

Judged for looks.

On their way to the supermarket shelves, 400 billion dollars worth of food is disposed of every year because it is "not perfect" or already spoiled.

Picked for taste.

Fruit and vegetables taste good in all shapes and sizes. Our partners are only choosy when it comes to great taste and the best nutrients.

Nutritional Quality

The organic fruit and vegetables are harvested when they are at their best and freeze-dried within a few hours. In this way, a maximum nutrient content and fresh taste can be guaranteed.


Gepflückt: Wer weiß, wann. Verarbeitet: Wer weiß, wann. Im Regal seit: Wer weiß, wann.


Mixed 30 seconds ago, full of nutrients.

Better yesterday.

Loses nutrients through processing, exposure to light and temperature fluctuations.

Great everyday.

As healthy and nutritious today as the day it was harvested. Blend it, taste it, love it.

Gut für Dich. Und für die Umwelt.