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The secret of freeze-drying

Long storage life, high nutritional level and absolute sustainability - this is why freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are so versatile.

The difference to conventional smoothies

Die Smoothie-Blends bestehen zu 100% aus gefriergetrocknetem Bio-Obst und Bio-Gemüse. Keine Zuckerzusätze, keine künstlichen Trennmittel, 100% natürlich.

Freeze-drying means that almost all nutrients and fiber are retained. In addition, the blends can be stored for at least 12 months without refrigeration. A conventional smoothie from the supermarket cannot compete with this.

Nutritional value

The organic fruit and vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness shock frozen. The freeze-drying process removes the water, but not the valuable nutrients and fiber. No nutrients are lost during storage and transport.

Frische & Haltbarkeit

By removing the water, organic fruit and vegetables can be stored without refrigeration for at least 12 months. When mixed with liquid in the Vejo, the powder develops its original fresh taste.


Due to the lower volume and weight of the food after freeze-drying, less packaging material is required. This means that more goods can be transported at the same time and the freeze-dried fruit and vegetables are imported in a much more climate-friendly way.

Obst & Gemüse im Supermarkt

With "classic smoothies" from the supermarket, nutrient losses occur due to enzymatic or chemical oxidation as well as withering processes. As a result, vitamins and secondary plant substances in particular are lost. Heat, light and oxygen accelerate these processes.

The advantages of freeze-drying

Especially in terms of sustainability, freeze-dried fruits & vegetables offer a great advantage over perishable fresh produce. Every year in Germany around 12 million tons of food are wasted - freeze-drying guarantees less packaging waste and a long shelf life for fruit & vegetables without compromising on quality.

Fruity. Berry. Sour. Sweet.

Enjoy fresh smoothies - anytime and anywhere.

Tropical is the refreshing summery mix of banana, mango, orange and passion fruit.

Clean Greens provides a green freshness kick.

You do not have a Vejo yet?

Start your journey with the Starterkit

Das Starterkit ist Deine Eintrittskarte in ein gesundes Öko-System. Es enthält neben dem Vejo Mixer vier verschiedene Sorten an Smoothie-Blends: Clean Greens, Tropical, Piña Strawberry und Strawberry Banana.
This means you always have your extra portion of fresh fruit and vegetables with you!