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FC Bayern Munich x Vejo

Vejo is the official Sports Nutrition Smart Blending Partner of the FC Bayern.

FC Bayern Munich x Vejo

Vejo ist offizieller Sports Nutrition Smart Blending Partner des FC Bayern. Entdecke jetzt das Starterkit mit den Lieblingsblends des FC Bayern.

Healthy nutrition has never been easier

Meet Vejo

Vejo, the mobile blender with biodegradable pods, makes healthy nutrition accessible anytime, anywhere. We developed Vejo for athletes and active people who want to eat healthy in a quick and easy way. The principle is simple: put on Vejo, add water, put on the pod, and Vejo mixes you a delicious and nutritious drink in 30 seconds. When and where you want.


FC Bayern tells you how to use the Vejo:


100% natural, 100% taste

Good for you and the planet

The blends contain freeze-dried organic fruits and vegetables and are filled by our partners in biodegradable and compostable pods. No artificial additives, no chemicals - simply healthy organic smoothies and shakes from an organic pod. FC Bayern likes it - which blend is your favorite?

The Starterkit

Nutrition for Champions

Whether as a healthy snack between two training sessions, a light energy supplier just before the game, or simply as an extra portion of fruit on a busy day. These blends are the favorites of Neuer, Coman, Süle and Co. Eat like a champion - with the starterkit from Vejo.

Mixed Berry

This berry combination will sweeten your day. Organic blackberries, organic blueberries, organic strawberries and organic raspberries cover 90% of your daily fruit needs and provide on top a good load of antioxidants. The naturally contained fructose provides quick energy after a strenuous session.


Bring the sun home! The refreshing summery mix of banana, mango, orange and passion fruit puts you in a good mood and gives you a fruity start to the day. This tropical blend is an exotic taste experience.

Piña Strawberry

This fruity-sweet blend inspires with tropical fruits and lets you dream of sun, beach and sea. The combination of pineapple, mango, strawberry and banana tastes deliciously fresh and is perfect as a sweet snack for in between meals.

Clean Greens

Dieser grüne Blend schmeckt so frisch und kraftvoll, als wären seine Zutaten erst wenige Minuten vor dem Mixen geerntet worden. Die wertvollen Inhaltsstoffe des Apfels und ausgewähltes blattgrünes Gemüse sorgen für einen grünen Frischekick.

FC Bayern Munich x Vejo

Get the starterkit from Vejo.
It contains 1x Vejo blender in red, 2x Mixed Berry Blends, 2x Tropical Blends, 2x Piña Strawberry Blends, 2x Clean Greens Blend and 1x Charging Station incl. USB-C cable.

What's Vejo?

With Vejo, we have developed the world's first smart blender. Along with Bertsch Industries' biodegradable pods and strong nutrition brands, this system has redefined the principle of healthy eating. Over years of research, we have built an ecosystem to make healthy nutrition accessible anytime, anywhere. An essential part of this system is a biodegradable pod that Bertsch Industries has developed and makes available to strong brands from the food sector. These pods are filled by premium brands and can afterwards be used with the Vejo blender. Healthy eating has never been easier.


What's included in the Starterkit?

The starterkit from Vejo contains 1x Vejo blender in red, 2x Mixed Berry Blends, 2x Tropical Blends, 2x Piña Strawberry Blends, 2x Clean Greens Blend and 1x Charging Station incl. USB-C cable.

Why Vejo?

Many people don't always manage to eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables a day and are happy about this time-saving alternative. The Mixed Berry Blend, for example, covers 90% of your daily recommended fruit needs and is ready to use in 30 seconds with your Vejo. You can also use it on the go, as the blends can be stored for several months without refrigeration. The process of freeze-drying organic fruits and vegetables means that almost all of the nutrients are retained - a conventional smoothie from the supermarket can't compete with that. Vejo is not intended to replace a balanced and healthy diet, but to support it through ease of use and make it more accessible.

What about sustainability?

Biodegradable pods from Bertsch Industries and a sustainable ecosystem instead of conventional disposable consumption. Vejo is committed to promoting your health while implementing innovative measures for the benefit of our environment. The Green Commitment shows you approaches and goals for more sustainability.